Classic Lash

We specialize in lash to lash classic lash application. Classic lashes are our most Natural look and perfect for any style.

$159 Full Set


Hybrid Lash

Hybrid Lashes are a beautiful combination of both classic and volume lashes. We use classic lash-to-lash along with volume fans to give your classic lash look a little more pizzazz!

$179 Full Set


Volume Lash

Add volume and drama without the added weight on your natural lash. Whether you want them more natural in length or more dramatic, we will tailor your lashes to fit your style. 

$199 Full Set


Mega Volume

Mega Volume is a version of our Volume sets with added DRAMA! We actually use a thinner lash extension for this set and because it is lightweight, we have the ability to fan more for a fuller look!

$299 Full Set

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